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대한카이로프랙틱교육원 교육과정

· Doctor of Chiropractic at Cleveland Chiropractic College(C.C.C.LA)
· Licensed Chiropractor at State of Michigan
· 현 Member of American Chiropractic Association(ACA)
· 현 Member of European Teaching Group of Orthopaedic Medicine(ETGOM)
· 현 대한카이로프랙틱협회(KCA) 회원
· 현 한국정형의학연구회(KACOM) 회원
· 현 시리악스 정형의학연구회 학술이사
· 전 한서대학교 건강관리학과 교수
· 전 가톨릭의과대학 통합의학교실 외래교수
· 전 선문대학교 객원 교수
· 현 닥터스마트 대표
· Kinesio Taping / Kenzo, Japan 2000
· ETGOM Cyriax certified / STEVEN, Belgium and England 2002
· McKenzie certified 2003
· Mulligan certified / Brian Mulligan, New Zealand 2004
· Rolfing technique / Australia 2005
· Scoliosis certified / Hans Weis, Germany 2005
· “The Illustrated Guide to Taping Therapy for Musculoskeletal Pain”, 2010 Medianbook
· “Manipulation Technique” , 2015 Elsevier
· “Clinical Application of Leander Table and Balance Gun Techniques” 2018 Hansol
· “Effects of Manipulative Therapy on the Expressions of NADPH-Diaphorase and Nitric Oxide Synthase in the Spinal Motor Neurons

  after Right Knee Joint Immobilization in the Guinea Pig”, 2011
· 전 Director & Chiropractor / Kingsley Chiropractic Clinic, LA
· 전 이규진 신경통증클리닉 진료원장
· 전 서울재활의원 진료원장


· Doctor of Chiropractic at Southern California University of Health Science(SCUHS)
· Bachelor of Science at La Sierra University(Biochemistry)
· Licensed Chiropractor and Physiotherapist at State of California
· Member of American Chiropractic Association(ACA)
· Member of Korean Chiropractic Association(KCA)
· Member of Gonstead Clinical Studies Society
· Director of Education/Korean Chiropractic Association
· Board Member/ Council on Chiropractic Education Korea
· Certification, NBCE Board Exam(Part 1,2,3, & 4)
· Gonstead Seminar of Chiropractic / Gonstead Seminar Inc., USA
· GMI Gonstead Seminar / GMI, USA
· Dr. Herb Wood’s Gonstead Seminar / Dr. Herb Wood, USA
· Dr. Curry’s Gonstead Workshop / Dr. Curry, USA
· Assistant Instructor and Speaker at Dr. Wood Gonstead Seminar in Korea / Dr. Herb Wood
· Chiropractor/ Raphael Chiropractic(CA, USA)
· Director & Chiropractor / Imperial Clinic Torrance Branch(CA, USA)
· Director & Chiropractor / The Contrology Wellness Center(KOR)
· Associate Chiropractor / Cranio(KOR)


· Doctor of Chiropractic, Han-Seo Univ.(Accredited by the CCEA)

· Master of Science, Han-Seo Univ.(Accredited by the CCEA)

· Bachelor of Science, Han-Seo Univ.(Accredited by the CCEA)

· Ph.D Candidate at Department of Health Sciences, Majored in Rehabilitation Science, Graduate School of Korea University

· Master of Science in Sports Science and Rehabilitation at Logan University

· Diplomate in Osteopathic Manipulative Theory and Practice, at Osteopathic College of Ontario

· Licensed Chiropractor at State of Pennsylvania

· Member of American Chiropractic Association

· Member of Korean Chiropractic Association

· Senior researcher at Biomechanics & Movement Rehabilitation Lab. of Korea University

· Education director at Korea Trainer Association

· Education director at International Pilates Instructor Association

· Functional Anatomy Instructor at Stott Pilates (Host. Lets Pilates)

· Adjunct, Clinical Professor at Hanseo Univ. (Department of Chiropractic)

· Editorial board member at International Conference on Chiropractic

· Editorial board member, at Research Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine

· Certified Diversified, Gonstead, Leander, Activator Technique Courses

· Certified STOTT PILATES Rehab courses RR (Level 1 / Level 2)

· Certified Schroth's Scoliosis 3D Method Basic & Advance Course

· Certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) / Golf Specialist Medical Course (Level 1 / Level 2)

· Certified Bosch's Strength Training and Coordination Master Course

· Certified Dr. McGill's Building the Ultimate back & The Detailed Back Assessment Course (Level 1 / Level 2)

· Certified Cook's FMS / Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) Course


· 현 International Chiropractors Association(ICA) 회원
· 현 대한카이로프랙틱협회(KCA) 회원
· 현 대한물리치료사협회 정회원
· 전 대한카이로프랙틱학회(KCI) 부회장
· 전 대한카이로프랙틱학회(KCI) 기획이사
· Chiropractic Philosophy / Sherman College of Chiropractic, USA
· The Pettibon System / The Pettibon institute Research and Education, USA
· Herb Wood Gonstead Seminar / Dr. Herb Wood, USA
· Gonstead Seminar / Gonstead of Chiropractic Japan
· Gonstead Method / Shiokawa Chiropractic School
· Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic / Sweat Institute, USA
· 현 코키아병원 정형도수클리닉 센터장
· 전 장덕 한의원 척추운동치료실 센터장
· 전 일산 포바즈 한의원 과장

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KakaoTalk_20211224_145809838 (1).png

· Doctor of Chiropractic, Han-Seo Univ.(Accredited by the CCEA)
· Master of Science, Han-Seo Univ.(Accredited by the CCEA)
· Bachelor of Science, Han-Seo Univ.(Accredited by the CCEA)
· Malaysia, Licensed Chiropractic Doctor
· Association of Malaysian Chiropractic member
· Korean Chiropractic Association member
· Certifications, IBCE board exam
· Gonstead Seminar / Gonstead clinical Studies Society
· Activator seminar / Activator Methods
· Cyriax Orthopedic Medicine / Korea Academy of Orthopedic
· McGill Level 1, 2 / Dr. STUART McGILL(KOR)
· Schroth Best Practice program, K-schroth
· Graston technique(M1), Graston Technique Korea
· ConecTX IASTM / New York Chiropractic College
· Chiropractor, Lanhai Medical Clinic, Shanghaii, China
· Chiropractor, Spine Health Center, Ansan city, Korea
· Chiropractor, GyJung Jaesaeng Oriental Hospital, Siheung city, Korea
· Chiropractor, Hanseo Univ. Oriental Hospital, Seosan city, Korea

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